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    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City


    New York City, known for its iconic landmarks, world-class cuisine, and vibrant cultural scene, also offers a plethora of options for animal lovers. From walking your dog through Central Park to visiting world-renowned zoos, NYC has something for everyone who wants to connect with animals.

    In this article, we will explore the different ways you can hang out with animals in New York City. We will feature the best parks for dog walking, the best zoos and aquariums, as well as other options like volunteering at an animal shelter or horseback riding.

    Whether you are a dog or cat owner, or simply enjoy spending time with animals, you are sure to find something you will love in New York City.

    1. Visit a zoo or aquarium.

    New York City is home to several world-class zoos and aquariums, where you can see a wide variety of animals from all over the world. Some of the most popular zoos and aquariums in New York City include:

    Bronx Zoo: Adventure Among Over 4,000 Animals

    The Bronx Zoo stands as one of the largest zoos in the United States and a true testament to wildlife conservation. Its expansive grounds and carefully designed habitats house over 4,000 animals from across the globe. Get ready to embark on a wild adventure! You might stroll through the African Plains and feel as though you’re on a safari, observing zebras and giraffes. Wander into the JungleWorld exhibit and experience the sights and sounds of a lush Asian rainforest. Plus, iconic favorites like lions, tigers, bears, gorillas, and elephants await those who appreciate charismatic megafauna. The Bronx Zoo’s dedication to both animal welfare and showcasing biodiversity will leave you in awe.

    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City 1
    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City (By Postdlf, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

    Central Park Zoo: Urban Oasis at the Heart of Manhattan

    For a smaller scale but equally exciting zoo experience, step into the Central Park Zoo. Conveniently situated within the green expanse of Central Park, this zoo is a favorite among both tourists and locals. Here, you’ll find playful penguins sliding down icy slopes in their snowy, coastal exhibit. You might witness the mischievous antics of monkeys and discover a diversity of tropical birds. Perhaps one of its most popular sections is the Tisch Children’s Zoo, filled with farmyard animals, giving youngsters the chance to interact with goats, sheep, and adorable piglets. And don’t forget the sea lions playfully barking and soaring through the water for their fish meals!

    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City

    New York Aquarium: Explore the Wonders of the Marine World

    Dive into the depths of marine life at the New York Aquarium! Situated along the iconic Coney Island beachfront, this aquarium invites you to discover over 350 underwater species from around the globe. Prepare to be mesmerized by playful seals in their expansive indoor/outdoor habitat. Immerse yourself in the Shark Canyon exhibit, where powerful sharks and colorful coral reef fish co-exist. Be enchanted by the diverse marine life of the Pacific Ocean, and don’t forget to encounter the playful residents of the Sea Cliffs area, featuring otters and the always engaging penguins.

    2. Walk your dog in the park.

    There are many parks in New York City where you can walk your dog. Some of the most popular parks for dog walking include:

    Prospect Park: A Brooklyn Gem for Canine Adventures

    Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is a sprawling wonderland for dogs and a tranquil alternative to its Manhattan counterpart. Its Long Meadow is a vast field inviting endless games of fetch, while its trails wind through woods perfect for scenic dog walks. Multiple off-leash zones provide dedicated spots for dogs to socialize with their friends and expend pent-up energy. Discover hidden paths for leisurely exploration, a beautiful boathouse, and serene lakes providing picture-perfect backdrops for you and your dog.

    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City
    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City

    Central Park: An Iconic Haven for Dogs and Their Humans

    Central Park is more than just a park; it’s an urban oasis for New Yorkers and their furry companions. With ample sprawling meadows, shaded walking paths, and even designated off-leash dog runs, your dog is guaranteed a fantastic time. Let your dog play with other pups off-leash in certain areas during specific hours, or take in the sights with a peaceful on-leash stroll beside the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir or The Great Lawn. Central Park promises fun for dogs and their human companions alike.

    Fort Greene Park: City Views and Canines in Harmony

    Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park blends breathtaking views with idyllic dog walking potential. Let your dog stretch its legs on the grassy hills with an iconic downtown panorama stretching out before you. Picturesque tree-lined pathways provide ample space for leisurely walks, while a dedicated dog run is the perfect spot for off-leash fun and meeting other neighborhood pups. Historic statues and monuments lend a touch of culture to your walk, all while soaking in the energetic vibe of this hip Brooklyn neighborhood.

    3. Volunteer at an animal shelter: Make a Difference in an Animals’s Life

    New York City’s animal shelters work tirelessly to provide care and support to homeless pets. By volunteering your time, you can contribute to their essential mission. Walking dogs and socializing with them provides crucial exercise and companionship. Playing with cats gives them the love they crave and keeps them engaged. Even simple tasks like cleaning cages add significant help to ensure their temporary home is sanitary and comfortable. If you’re looking for a fulfilling activity, consider contacting shelters like the ASPCA or Animal Care Centers of NYC.

    4. Take a horseback riding lesson: Experience the City from a New Perspective

    Several stables in the outskirts of New York City offer horseback riding lessons for all skill levels. Discover the scenic bridle paths of Jamaica Bay Riding Academy in Brooklyn or learn the basics at Kensington Stables in Prospect Park. Riding lessons help build a unique bond with these gentle creatures, teaching balance and communication. It’s a way to connect with nature and enjoy a relaxing outdoor adventure within the reach of the bustling city.

    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City

    5. Go to a pet-friendly restaurant: A Culinary Adventure with Your Best Friend

    New York City embraces its pet-loving community with a growing selection of pet-friendly restaurants. Find spots like Heart of Gold, where treats and water bowls ensure everyone has a great time. Enjoy outdoor seating with your pup at places like Boris and Horton or search for numerous other welcoming cafes and restaurants, letting your dog bask in the social atmosphere. Before planning your trip, double-check with the restaurant about their pet-specific policies.

    6. Visit a petting zoo: Hands-On Fun for Kids and Adults Alike

    Get up close and personal with farm favorites at some of New York City’s charming petting zoos, like the Queens County Farm Museum. Meet friendly goats eager for a good scratch behind the ears, or watch fluffy chicks exploring their surroundings. Often, children get the chance to feed certain animals or learn about their roles on the farm. It’s a fun way for all ages to interact and learn about farm life.

    7. Go to a dog park: Let Your Dog Socialize and Play

    Dog parks across NYC are fantastic hubs of play and socialization. With dedicated sections for different dog sizes, like Tompkins Square Dog Run, everyone can enjoy safe interaction. Release your dog to freely explore, romp around with new four-legged friends, and burn off excess energy. It’s the perfect outlet for both your dog’s physical and mental needs. Be sure to keep a close eye on your pet and practice proper dog park etiquette for a harmonious experience.

    8. Take a boat tour: Embark on a Wildlife Adventure from NYC’s Shores

    Several boat tours departing from New York City offer a chance to break away from the bustling cityscape and immerse yourself in the wonders of the marine world. Imagine the thrill of scanning the horizon with an experienced guide and possibly spotting dolphins leaping out of the waves! If you’re lucky, majestic whales might breach the surface, or playful seals may bob along beside the boat. Keep in mind these are wild animals, and sightings aren’t always guaranteed, but the excitement of the possibility awaits. Be sure to research reputable wildlife-focused tour companies.

    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City

    9. Go fishing: Discover the Unexpected in NYC’s Urban Angling Scene

    Believe it or not, New York City offers a surprising number of fishing spots. Piers extending into rivers and bays hold possibilities. Cast a line for striped bass off the East River, or aim for flounder off Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn. You might try your luck fishing for bluefish with breathtaking sights of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in the distance. Even urban waterways, with the proper licensing, can yield catfish and other species. Always research the latest regulations and licensing requirements before setting out.

    10. Go birdwatching: Find Feathered Wonders Right in the City

    New York City might not initially spring to mind as a birdwatching haven, but it possesses an amazing diversity of avian life. Central Park serves as a significant stop for migratory birds, especially during spring and fall. Look for warblers flitting amidst the trees or watch graceful waterfowl skimming The Lake. The sprawling Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is another excellent location for spotting numerous shorebirds and wading birds. Grab a pair of binoculars and download a bird identification app – you’ll be surprised at the number of species you can encounter in the heart of the city.

    10 Best Ways to Hang Out with Animals in New York City

    Tips for Hanging Out with Animals in New York City

    Be sure to check the weather before you go. If it is too hot or too cold, it may not be safe to take your pet outside.

    Always bring water and a bowl for your pet. This is especially important if you are going to be outside for a long time.

    Be aware of the city’s noise regulations. Avoid making excessive noise with your pet.

    Respect other park users and keep your pet under control.

    Pick up after your pet. This is important to keep the city clean and to prevent the spread of disease.

    Final words

    New York City might seem like an unlikely place for animal encounters, but beneath the surface, it buzzes with opportunities to connect with creatures big and small. Whether you have a beloved dog by your side or simply love being around animals, the city is teeming with options.

    From iconic parks specifically designed with dogs in mind to world-class institutions specializing in conservation and education, every borough holds a unique experience. The city invites you to encounter exotic wildlife at the Bronx Zoo or Central Park Zoo. You can find moments of serenity volunteering at an animal shelter, bonding with the homeless animals seeking solace. Explore the dynamic marine environment at the New York Aquarium and witness playful seals and mesmerizing sharks. Perhaps indulge in an outing where your dog is treated like royalty at a pet-friendly restaurant. Discover the simple joy of birdwatching and marveling at the diverse species amidst the urban oasis of Central Park.

    New York City proves that a love for animals isn’t limited by location. There’s a way for everyone to enjoy them, whether through caring for your own pet or experiencing the incredible biodiversity the city harbors. With so many choices, both you and your animal companions are guaranteed an unforgettable and enriching adventure.

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